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IMTGT.org Website Training

28-29 October 2009, Putrajaya, Malaysia

The Asian Development Bank conducted website training to CIMT staff to mark turnover of website management to the Secretariat. See training schedule and photos.

IMT-GT Ministers hold 15th Meeting in Palembang

14 January 2009

Ministers of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand met in Palembang, Indonesia on 22 October 2008 to review progress of cooperation under IMT-GT economic cooperation program. The implementation of the five connectivity corridors topped the agenda as Ministers underscored the importance of forging closer economic ties in context of economic difficulties world-wide. The Meeting noted that there were several significant developments in the enhancement of transportation links within the IMT-GT region, among them, the completion of ports in Dumai, Aceh and Kantang. Three bridges in the border of Thailand and Malaysia --- Buketa/Bukit Bunga Bridge, the 2nd Sungai Kolok Bridge and Takbai Bridge --- have been included in the IMT-GT Roadmap. New railway lines are also being developed in Sumatera. Firefly, a regional budget carrier is expanding its operations in various points.

The Ministers also discussed Implementation progress in other sectors. Tourism got a boost with the successful implementation of the Visit IMT-GT Year 2008. A Halal Superhighway is being developed to enhance linkages in the Halal value chain. Competency standards are being harmonized to promote labour mobility within the subregion. In the agriculture sector, active exchanges of knowledge and technology are ongoing.

A meeting of IMT-GT Senior Officials to review the progress of work of various working groups preceded the Ministers' meeting, as well as that of the IMT-GT Joint Business Council (JBC). The private sector, through the JBC is playing a major role in driving many of the IMT-GT initiatives. The Ministers noted various JBC initiatives such as the establishment of wholesale markets along the borders called IMT-GT plazas, one-stop investment centers, and border townships that are intended to stimulate trade among the three countries.

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