CIMT Outreach Programme to IMT-GT Member State and Province: Perlis, Malaysia
March 12, 2019
IMT-GT Focus Group Discussion on Development of Kuala Lumpur – Banda Aceh – Port Blair Connectivity
May 7, 2019

Kelantan hosted the 12th IMT-GT Strategic Planning Meeting on March 2019.

The 12th IMT-GT Strategic Planning Meeting (SPM) was held in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia on 14-16 March 2019. The Meeting was attended by IMT-GT National Secretariats (NSs), Centre for IMT-GT Sub-regional Cooperation (CIMT), representatives of the Sectoral Working Groups (WGs), Chief Minister and Governor Forum (CMGF), Joint Business Council, and Asian Development Bank (ADB). The IMT-GT Senior Officials will take part on the third day of the meeting.

Dr Suhana Md Saleh, the Malaysian National Secretariat, welcomed all the participants to the meeting. She reminded the participants that the objectives of the meeting were to take stock of the progress and discuss the work plan for the year 2019-2020. In the Strategic Planning Meeting, Working Groups, JBC and chance toa chance to discuss and give input to move forward the project and activities for IMT-GT Subregional. She expected the meeting to produce substantive outcomes. She stressed on the need for the sub-region to look beyond projects involving physical infrastructure to software connectivity that promotes and facilitates cross-border trade and the important role of the private sector and local government in advancing the IMT-GT agenda. She highlighted the needs to enhance the cooperation and explore the opportunities of the digital economy or industrial revolution 4.0 to promote a better quality of life for the people in the subregion.

Hon. Mr. Raldi Hendro Koestoer emphasized on the importance of close cooperation to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth. He ended his closing remarks by expressing his sincere appreciation to the Government of Malaysia and State of Kelantan for their great meeting arrangement. Hon. Dr. Pattama Teanravisitsagool looked forward to the development of the IB 2017-2021 Mid-Term Review and thanked all the delegation for their hard work and dedication in preparing the report. She expressed her sincere appreciation to the IMT-GT Senior Officials for their valuable input and government of Malaysia for hosting the meeting. Dato’ Faudzi Naim on behalf of JBC expressed his sincere appreciation to the Government of Malaysia and State of Kelantan for their excellent meeting arrangement. He affirmed the commitment of JBC to work closely with all the stakeholders especially CIMT to achieve IMT-GT Vision. Mr. Firdaus Dahlan expressed his sincere appreciation to the IMT-GT Senior Officials for their valuable inputs and comments. He congratulated to the government of Malaysia in hosting the 12th IMT-GT SPM and State and Kelantan for their kind hospitality and great arrangement during the meeting. YM Dato’ Tengku Mohamed Faziharudean bin Tengku Feissal, Deputy State Secretary (Development) on behalf of Kelantan State government would take note on the comments made during the meeting especially those related to Kelantan. He thanked all the delegation for coming to the meeting and hope they enjoy their stay in Kelantan. Dato’ Dr. Noor Zari thanked all the delegation for their comments and attendance to the meeting. He hoped that IMT-GT cooperation would be further strengthened in the coming years to achieve the sustainable and inclusive development of the subregion.

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