Minister of Indonesia

I take it as a great honor to be able to jot down my greetings and views on the synergistic outcome between Indonesia- Malaysia- Thailand Triangle Growth Subregional Cooperation (IMT-GT) and Centre for Indonesia- Malaysia- Thailand Growth Triangle (CIMT). Indonesia- Malaysia- Thailand Triangle Growth Subregional Cooperation and Centre for Indonesia- Malaysia- Thailand Growth Triangle are comrades who share similar vision in various areas and aspects. Our joined commitment at the outset, measures success and achievements that is seen in a context of an evolutionary and dynamic socio-economic environment that leads to many collaborative projects of various areas that engages us to meet our core vision. The secretariat, CIMT, has undertaken various approaches and initiatives to meet its core objectives and its efforts are to be applauded. The adjoined efforts and strategies of the cooperation and secretariat has contributed to the development of the Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. CIMT’s has undertaken various approaches and initiatives to meet its core objectives and its efforts are to be applauded. The IMT-GT sub regions efforts and strategies in whole, would contribute to an enormous growth in the rise of economic development and would led to various investments in the near future. Looking forward to more successes!
Thank you.
Best Wishes,
Signing Minister of Indonesia

Minister of Malaysia

Greetings, Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera, Indonesia- Malaysia- Thailand Growth Triangle is highly committed to support Malaysia in its aspiration to achieve its vision that commensurate to improving lives in the subregion. This Subregional cooperation would serve as a platform to consolidate effort towards becoming a developed sub regional nation that would draw out the needs for reliable and sustainable source of wealth to fuel in to the improvements of nation’s life. IMT-GT’S commitment to promote economic development would drives us to innovate and create new ideas for implementations. The commitment of Indonesia- Malaysia- Thailand Growth Triangle in upholding its objectives and vision is apparent in the sub regional’s strong commitment and activities which are carried out to achieve the desired end-result. Numerous International Conferences, Expositions to promote new collaborations with various industries as partners that further platforms for us to share and promote ideas are some of the activities that IMT-GT aggressively embarks on. I believe that this website will serve as a great guide to introduce the commitment of our sub-regional cooperation that involves Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand along with is esteemed working partners that furnishes all project needs in pursuit to the betterment of people’s life. WE will continue to play a pivotal role together with our working partners and collaborating international institutes to ensure the objectives of this sub regional cooperation are met.
Thank you.
Terima Kasih. Kob Khun Kap.
With best wishes,
Signing Minister of Malaysia

Minister of Thailand

Greetings and welcome to our website! IMT-GT as a Subregional economic cooperation has achieved a great leap in attracting investment, innovation and commitment in the recent years. IMT-GT intends to further collaborate with private sectors to transform and enhance this regions from being a low-cost manufacturing hub to becoming a high income-knowledge-based economy. Our strategy to attract investment has shifted from being country-centric to technology-centric. We see strong interest shown by international energy-intensive companies to invest in the sub regions of IMT-GT while also looking forward to play a vital role by providing the needs for economics stability, infrastructure, knowledgeable and skilled workforce to elevate and improve the life of people in this sub regions. The relevance of the Subregional cooperation and economic development is evident in the fact that worldwide, including Malaysia, as it is the fastest growing sector that would simultaneously feed on the neighbor countries and vice versa. It is our pride to say that the unity that Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand is the reason to the upholding of IMT-GT. I am humbled to pen down my thoughts that this Subregional cooperation has encouraged an innovative culture change, humility and open mindedness among organizations whereby ideas, opinions and constructive criticisms is shared as one to work on the betterment of peoples life. We together with CIMT, will continue to innovate to forge sustainable socio economic environment through projects that promotes on our brand and entity serving as the top notch Subregional economic cooperation.
Thank you and best wishes,
Signing Minister of Thailand.


21 – 23 August 2019 | Working Group on Trade and Investment Facilitation – Medan, Indonesia

23 – 24 August 2019 | Focus Group on Environment Meeting – Penang, Malaysia

September 2019 – Krabi, Thailand

10 September 2019 | National Secretariat Meeting, 5th IMT-GT Business Opportunities Forum, 40th IMT-GT Joint Business Council Exco Meeting

11 September 2019 | 26th IMT-GT Senior Officials’ Meeting

12 September 2019 | 16th IMT-GT Chief Ministers and Governors’ Forum

13 September 2019 | 25th IMT-GT Ministerial Meeting, Integrated Green Urban Transport Plan (IGUTP) Seminar