UNINET Strategic Plan

In 2015, UNINET’s university stakeholders came to the conclusion that whilst UNINET had achieved much since its formation in 1996, the IMT-GT subregion had evolved considerably over this period, giving rise to new social and economic challenges. Many Universities had developed new and exciting capabilities that were not being fully exploited. The university stakeholders therefore recognised that UNINET needs to be revitalised by developing a new paradigm of universities in the subregion that would be more capable of playing a direct role in the developmental goals of IMT-GT. The UNINET Strategic Action Plan 2017-2021 (USAP 2017-2021) has involved a number of key points of engagement in through a strong participatory process involving UNINET’s immediate university membership, CIMT, local government, the private sector and other stakeholders.


September 2019 – Krabi, Thailand

10 September 2019 | National Secretariat Meeting, 5th IMT-GT Business Opportunities Forum, 40th IMT-GT Joint Business Council Exco Meeting

11 September 2019 | 26th IMT-GT Senior Officials’ Meeting

12 September 2019 | 16th IMT-GT Chief Ministers and Governors’ Forum

13 September 2019 | 25th IMT-GT Ministerial Meeting, Integrated Green Urban Transport Plan (IGUTP) Seminar