10th Working Group of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Meeting
July 27, 2017
2nd IMT-GT Green Council Meeting
August 21, 2017

The “Green Meeting” of 10th IMT-GT Working Group on Trade and Investment Facilitation

CIMT is pleased that we are able to carry out our roles dutifully in all these events. In trade and Investment sector, Ministry of Trade and Investment, Malaysia (MITI) hosted the 10th IMT-GT Working Group of Trade and Investment back to back with the 7th IMT-GT Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Task Force (CIQ TF) Meeting and 7th IMT-GT Trade, Investment, Tourism and Database Task Force Meeting (ITITD TF).

This 3 major Meeting was held on 17-19 July at Perdana Hotel, Kota Bharu Kelantan. This Meeting also successfully held the “Green Meeting” which encourage the delegates print own Meeting documents. In this Meetings, CIQ and ITITD proposed to be sub-Working group in the WGTI as they will be participating fully in contributing data of Tourism, Trade and Cross border issues. The Meeting Members also met and updating themselves on the progress of the projects which agreed to be implemented in the new Implementation Blueprint 2017-2021. Delegates also visited Tok Bali Fisheries Park located at Tok Bali region of Kelantan to attract the potential investment.

More than 40 delegates from Customs, Quarantine, Local Governments State, Joint Business Council and Asian Development Bank members. Next WGTI Meeting will be held in Bangkok on July 2018 back to back with CIQ and ITITD Meeting.

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