Strategies to spearhead growth

Halal & Product Services focus area strategies

To promote trade and investment in Halal products and services, IMT-GT will intensify cooperation in promoting technology transfer and innovation, capacity building and networking among university-based Halal research centres. Moreover, the Focus Area will aim to move up to the next level of subregional cooperation and integration. This will entail achieving acceptance of Halal Standards amongst the IMT-GT Member Countries. To enhance competitiveness and promote inclusive growth, IMT-GT will increase the number of technical experts and professionals in Halal related industries; nurture Halal enterprises to become export oriented; increase number of Halal manufacturers and service providers; and facilitate consumers through better access to Halal products and services. To this end, IMT-GT will implement the following strategies:

  1. Narrow the gap of practices in Halal Certification
  2.  Develop Halal Curriculum
  3. Exchange of Halal expertise
  4. Encourage more collaboration between Halal SMEs and large local corporations and multinationals
  5. Promote Halal related trade promotional events within IMT-GT
  6. Provide Halal knowledge to industry players
  7. Improve efficiency of Halal certification process
  8. Cross-sectoral collaboration in information access

To effectively deliver its eight priority strategies, IMT-GT will embark on measures such as policy and regulatory reforms, research, capacity building, technology transfer and trade promotion.


No.Project NameProject ProponentStatusYear
1.IQRAH (H-Number)Halal Science Centre (HSC)CompletedFebruary 2018
2.SPHERE (Standardised Protocol for Halal Electronic Resource Exchange)Halal Science Centre (HSC)Completed2018
3.Halal Start-Up 4.0Halal Science Centre (HSC)CompletedFebruary 2018
4.Integrated Halal Superhighway IMT-GT Host SystemHalal Science Centre (HSC)CompletedFebruary 2018