Implementation Blueprint 2022 2026

Indonesia–Malaysia–Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) is envisioned to be an integrated, innovative, inclusive, and sustainable subregion by 2036. The subregion’s long-term plan, IMT-GT Vision 2036, is being operationalized through four successive five-year Implementation Blueprints (IBs). IB 2022–2026 is the second medium-term strategic and action plan toward realizing the vision.


Key Elements of Implementation Blueprint 2022-2026 : Ensuring Continuity and Consistency

Like its predecessor, IB 2022–2026 adopts three mutually reinforcing guiding approaches of IMT-GT Vision 2036:

  • project-centric approach toward greater regional integration,
  • project-specific and location-specific regulatory reforms, and
  • spatial approach to regional development

There are eight strategic pillars or focus areas (consistent with the IMT-GT Vision 2036 document, the terms strategic pillar and focus area are used interchangeably throughout this IB) under IB 2022–2026 to support Vision 2036. These strategic pillars or focus areas are earmarked to produce the most significant economic and social impact on the subregion during 2022–2026. The Digital Transformation Pillar is a new addition to the IB.

IB 2022–2026 will continue to place the private sector and local governments at the heart of IMT-GT’s cooperation agenda. It will continue to accelerate a strategic shift toward a results-based monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system as set out in the IMT-GT Project Manual.