Strategies to spearhead growth

Tourism focus area strategies

To optimise its tourism potential, IMT-GT will implement the following strategies on tourism promotion and development.

  1. Improve connectivity between strategic areas of the subregion to support selected thematic crossborder tourism circuit development
  2. Enhance the sustainability, inclusiveness and competitiveness of the subregion as a destination
  3. Market the subregion as a single destination

It is obvious that the Tourism Focus Area needs many different forms of intervention. They go beyond the more usual joint promotional and marketing activities to include research, infrastructure development, value chain development and regulatory reforms, among others. Also, given the broad range of tourism activities and their dependence on the services provided by other industries, cross-sectoral collaboration is therefore crucial for the sustained expansion of the IMT-GT tourism industry.


No.Project NameProject ProponentStatusYear
1.Heritage Race Campaign: IMT-GT the liveable old towns-an integrated marketing communication programMinistry of Tourism and Sports ThailandCompleted2018
2.Position paper to measure the impact of development of tourism industry in the IMT-GTMinistry of Tourism and Sports ThailandCompleted2018
3.Workshop on Maritime and Coastal Sustainable Tourism in IMT-GT; Managing Over tourismMinistry of Tourism and Sports ThailandCompleted21 – 24 April 2019
4.IMT-GT Cruise Business ForumSabang Authority Port, IndonesiaCompleted17 – 18 October 2019
5.IMT-GT Peranakan Nature Trail: International Peranakan FestivalIndonesia, Malaysia and Thailand Ministry of TourismCompletedOctober 2019
6.IMT-GT Fly and Rail tourismKeretapi Tanah Melayu and Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture MalaysiaCompleted17 November 2019
7.Marketing strategy and action plans for IMT-GT for 2018-2020 Marketing strategy and action plans for IMT-GT for 2018-2020Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture MalaysiaCompleted2019
8.Peranakan a colourful culture: The Booklet of ASEAN Heritage TrailsMinistry of Tourism and Sports ThailandCompleted2019