IB 2017-2021

The Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) Implementation Blueprint (IB) 2017-2021 contains the first batch of five-year strategies towards implementing the new long-term vision for IMT-GT, i.e., IMT-GT Vision 2036 (Vision 2036). Consistent with Vision 2036, IB 2017-2021 emphasises on the need to identify and implement catalytic projects that are scalable, replicable and sustainable in order to propel IMT-GT to a deeper level of economic integration. To accelerate project implementation, IB 2017-2021 underlines the importance of instituting project-level and location-specific regulatory reforms. The IB 2017-2021 also resolves to maximise the economic network externalities of the five priority economic corridors through improving physical connectivity, addressing software deficits, infusion of innovation and creation of cross-border value chains while positioning private sector and local governments at the heart of its efforts to accelerate subregional economic and social development.