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February 19, 2019
Kelantan hosted the 12th IMT-GT Strategic Planning Meeting on March 2019.
April 15, 2019

CIMT Outreach Programme to IMT-GT Member State and Province: Perlis, Malaysia

CIMT headed by Mr. Firdaus Dahlan as Director of CIMT along with Deputy Directors, Ms. Wariya Pisuchpen, Mr. Balamurugan Ratha Krishnan and two other staffs went to Perlis for a working visit on 28 February 2019. The working visit is part of CIMT reaching out programme to states and provinces in IMT-GT for the new Senior Management Team (SMT) to study on IMT-GT and getting first-hand information from the local stakeholders as well as to introduce the new SMT to the states and provinces.

The working visit includes the courtesy call to Perlis State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN), Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Arau campus and a visit to Chuping Superfruits Valley.

Visit to Chuping Superfruits Valley

Chuping Superfruits Valley located in Chuping Valley specialises in planting various of crops classified as superfruit. Superfruits are fruits that are packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients that can help live healthy, longer and to prevent diseases. Superfruits is one of the projects develop under IMT-GT flagship supports by Malaysia federal government, Perlis state government, Universiti Sains Malaysia and Fig Direct Sdn. Bhd. The tissue culture of the crops done by USM under IMT-GT UNINET cooperation. Fig Direct Sdn. Bhd. as the private sector is a company planting these superfruits. Currently, the company has planted fig, lemon, finger lime, passion fruits and gac.

These fruits besides sell in raw form also developed into products such as in the form of capsule, powder and essential oil. Latest, they also develop cosmetic product using the fruits.

During our visit to the farm, four students from Syiah Kuala University also were there to complete their internship and two weeks training focussing on fig cultivation. The company also assisted Syiah Kuala University in setting up their fig farm in Syiah Kuala University campus.

This project could be taken as example showcasing various layers of involvement in implementing one project. This project includes the involvement from government, private sector and university. Mr Firdaus Dahlan hopes that this type of farm and operation management can be replicated in this subregion.

Courtesy call to Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)

CIMT courtesy visit to UniMAP was received by Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Rezuwan Hj. Kamaruddin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic and International. Prof. Ir. Ts., Dr. Rezuwan mentioned that currently UniMAP has several MoU and LoA with universities from IMT-GT. He raised language barrier especially with Thailand universities as most of the subjects are taught in Thai language.

He expressed his interest on IMT-GT superfruits project and offer credit transfer programme register under UniMAP to interested student in IMT-GT who wish to join the internship programme in Fig Direct Sdn. Bhd. farm. He also mentioned that UniMAP is specialise on greenhouse especially on structure and system. Mr. Robin Lim welcomed the offer and thank for their support.

He elaborated on the student mobility programme, the students from other country may studied in UTeM either through reciprocal and cultural exchange programme. This may increase the number of international students to improve QS ranking.

He concerned on the QS ranking and requested CIMT to assist in improving QS ranking among UNINET members especially in the area of art & culture, internationalisation, computer science & information system and research collaboration. Mr. Firdaus Dahlan requested UniMAP to send a 2-page of concept paper on improving QS ranking.

Mr. Firdaus Dahlan suggested UniMAP to champion the research programme related to superfruits with the participation from the private sector. Prof. Ir.Ts. Dr. Rezuwan highlight his concern on the accreditation issue such as in the engineering to enable Indonesian and Thailand student further their study in Malaysia universities. He mentioned that both countries do not have the accreditation from international engineering board and this is difficult for them to further study in Malaysia.

UniMAP also implementing sustainable campus initiative such as the usage of solar power by installing 1MW solar panel on the building roof, encourage cycling programme, conducting research on biodiesel and waste water management, implementing school recycling community project in Perlis and energy saving programme. This initiative is recognised by Malaysia Ministry of Education and UniMAP offers to share the initiative to the UNINET members.

Courtesy call to Perlis State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN)

Mdm Noor Azrina binti Mohd Gaminan, UPEN Principal Assistant Secretary, received the courtesy call from CIMT at Perlis UPEN office. The discussion touched on overall Perlis participation in IMT-GT including superfruits project and superfruits conference.

She mentioned that cooperation with neighbouring countries is important especially to Thailand. She added that the construction of Chuping Valley Industrial Area (CVIA) are on-going and this will benefit IMT-GT. This project is listed under IMT-GT Priority Connectivity Project (PCP) which aims to transform Perlis into a developed state by 2020 focusing on Green Manufacturing, Renewable Energy Generation and Halal Industries.

On connectivity issue, the Perlis state government are in the process of getting the federal fund to conduct feasibility study on Perlis-Satun road bridge. Mr. Firdaus Dahlan suggested Perlis to champion the superfruits conference and mentioned that UiTM Arau offered to host it. However internal further discussion on state level should be initiated. He requested UPEN Perlis to prepare a 2-page concept paper on the conference. The conference should include the participation of private sector and the accommodation will be hosted by UiTM. He also mentioned that the conference would be announced during the Leaders Summit in June 2019. Further discussion between CIMT and Senior Officials will be conducted to discuss on the funding arrangement.

Mr. Robin Lim mentioned that currently they are waiting for clearance from Chief Minister of Perlis to expand their farm. He also mentioned that UiTM is offer to set up fig incubator in their campus to train their student.

Visit to UiTM Arau

CIMT team also have a chance to visit deer and harumanis mango farms located in UiTM Arau. The Project Coordinator of these farms briefed CIMT on both farms and its potential.

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