Reflecting on 30 years of subregional cooperation, CIMT in collaboration with IMT-GT University Network (UNINET) supported by IMT-GT member countries and all IMT-GT stakeholders successfully hosted the IMT-GT High-Level Panel Forum: “Learning from the Past and Shaping IMT-GT Cooperation in Turbulent Times”. The two-day event at the Borobudur Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia, marks a momentous occasion in the subregion cooperation history.

As a celebration of the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) Subregional Cooperation’s 30th anniversary, the HLPF brought together distinguished leaders, experts, and stakeholders from member countries.

The forum served as a platform to delve into the substantial progress made over the past three decades and explore innovative strategies to shape the future of IMT-GT cooperation. CIMT seized this opportune moment to reflect on the subregion’s accomplishments and draw lessons from its rich history.

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical instability, and climate change, the HLPF served to generate practical solutions and recommendations. The event fostered insightful discussions and highlighted the subregion’s resilience and determination to address these global issues head-on.

The HLPF’s agenda encompassed various thematic sessions, each dedicated to a critical aspect of the IMT-GT’s development. Experts and panellists shared their expertise and research findings, providing valuable insights into key topics such as Tourism Recovery Post COVID-19, Agriculture and Food Security, Climate Change, IMT-GT Connectivity, Subregional Trade and Investment, IMT-GT as a Global Halal-hub, Enhancing Human Resource Development, and the Digital Economy.

Engagement was a focal point of the forum, with interactive Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions following each thematic discussion. This enabled participants to actively participate in the dialogue, contribute their perspectives, and seek clarifications from the panelists.

The outcomes of the IMT-GT HLPF will serve as a foundation for actionable recommendations that aim to enhance subregional cooperation and contribute to the IMT-GT Vision 2036. CIMT remains committed to translating the insights and proposals generated during the forum into tangible initiatives that will drive sustainable development and prosperity within the IMT-GT subregion.

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