22 March 2021, Virtual Meeting on IMT-GT Strategic Planning Meeting (SPM) Breakout Session on Working Group Trade and Investment was held. The Standing Chairman is from the Head of Delegation Malaysia, Mr Syed Mohd Faizal Syed Mohd Dardin (Director, Investment Policy & Trade Facilitation Division, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia). The meeting also attends by Head of Delegation Indonesia, Mr. Antonius Yudi Triantoro (Director of ASEAN Negotiations, Directorate General International Trade Negotiation, Ministry of Trade, Indonesia), Head of Delegation Thailand, Ms.Monta Pantong (Director of Trade and Investment Cooperation Division, Ministry of Commerce Thailand), Standing Chairman of Sub-Working Group on ITITD, Ms. Siti Haslinda Mohd Din (Director, International Trade Statistics Division, Department of Statistics, Malaysia), Head of Delegation Indonesia for SWG ITITD, Dr. Pudji Ismartini, M.App.Stat (Director of Statistical Dissemination, Statistics Indonesia), Head of Delegation Thailand for SWG ITITD, Ms Sanonoi Buracharoen (Chief of Statistical and Data, National Statistical Office, Thailand), Standing Chairman of Sub-Working Group on CIQ, Mr. Masrul Amri Kamarudin (Senior Assistant Director of Customs, Royal Malaysian Customs Department), Mr. Gusmiadirrahman (Deputy Director of Regional Affairs, Directorate of International and Public Affairs, Directorate General of Customs and Excise, Indonesia), Mr. Agus Abdul Majid (Deputy Director for Immigration International Cooperation, Directorate of Immigration Cooperation, Directorate General of Immigration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Indonesia), Ms. Rindayuni Triavini (Coordinator for Quarantine Cooperation, Indonesia Agricultural Quarantine Agency, Ministry of Agriculture), Mr. Ahmad Syukri Idris (Senior Assistant Director of Customs, Royal Malaysian Customs Department), Mr. Ahmad Rashezry Abd Rahim (Deputy Director, Security and Passport Division, Immigration Department of Malaysia), Ms. Wan Nurfasihah Arienah Wan Nordin (Assistant Director, Inspection and Enforcement Division, Department of Malaysian Quarantine Inspection Services (MAQIS)), Mr. Yuttana Phoolpipat (Director General of Regional Customs Office IV, Thailand), Pol. Col. Phairach Pookcharoen (Deputy Commander of Immigration Division 6, Thailand), Ms. Ravinan Chamchalerm (SPS Expert, National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards, Thailand) and Mr. Firdaus Dahlan (Director of CIMT).