4TH IMT-GT Subworking Group Meeting on ICT Connectivity


The 4TH IMT-GT Subworking Group Meeting on ICT Connectivity was convened virtually on Tuesday, 29 June 2021. The meeting was chaired by Head of Delegation Malaysia, Mr. Mano Verabathran (Undersecretary of International Division, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia), and also attended by Head of Delegation Indonesia Mr. Iswarayuda Bayu Agutama (Head of Bilateral Division, Centre of International Affairs), Head of Delegation Thailand Ms. Ishariyaporn Smiprem (Director of Regional Cooperation Group, International Affairs Division, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society), and Director of CIMT Mr. Firdaus Dahlan. This meeting is to update on the outcome of the 3rd IMT-GT SWGICT Meeting 2020, 14th SPM Meeting on 30 April 2021, and The progress and development of the IMT-GT Projects (with projects profile) under IB2017-2021, Proposed 27th IMT-GT Ministerial Joint Statement, Update the WG contact and calendar activities for 2021-2022.